And Without Further Adieu…

I am finally getting around to posting some of the things I’ve been working on!  Life in the teacher lane is pretty fast – for those of  you that don’t already know.

I am gearing up for my first full week of teaching at Helena and I am getting super excited about it. I am teaching a full week of science, social studies and math. For science, I’m going to teach a really fun lesson on clouds…and during that lesson, we’re going to mix up some shaving cream with glue and create some neat-looking cloud shapes. And thanks to Cara Carroll’s cutesy little blog, I know it works! I am 100% stealing her lesson ideas for that and using them for my little firsties. I have NO SHAME. I am obsessed with her blog and unfortunately I am hereby labeled a blog stalker. Another thing I have no problem admitting. I guess that’s why we teachers decide to use what precious “free time” we have sharing these fun ideas with cyberland – so someone will use them! …..Well that and we just want to show off how creative and cute some of the stuff we come up with is. =]

Speaking of cute, check out these cute little pockets that I made for my firsties! We played “Pocket Change” – a game that I reacently posted on TpT and Teacher’s Notebook. It’s only $2.50 – so, go on – getchu a copy!

My social studies unit has taken FOR.EVE.R. to create, but I am finally there. I have it all done and once I teach it, we’ll be putting together some scrapbooks of the past to show some of the things we will have learned about the past. Once I get some student samples, I’ll make sure to put them on here because they are CERTAIN to be cute.

Then for math, we’ll be doing some word problem solving and I’ll be showing the kiddos how to spot key clue words to look for when they’re reading word problems. I’ll also show them how to omit unnecessary information. I have some thinkin’ to do about how I am going to set this unit up… I definitely don’t want to recreate the horrendous word problems I remember enduring when I was in elementary school. Jack had 4 apples. Suzie had 6. How many more apples does Jack have than Suzie? Who gives a hoot about APPLES?!??? I’m sure I’ll find something better to use as an example – or even an entire new format altogether.

We just finished up our lesson on germination and what plants need in order to grow. And dag-nabbit, wouldn’t you know it. I tried to start of the semester with these kids by growing a sweet potato vine and the daggone thing absolutely REFUSED to grow. I even tried to do ANOTHER one at my house. E.P.I.C. F.A.I.L. T his after I had a tropical rain forest growing in my apartment when I had to do it for my own science class 2 years ago. I have no idea what went wrong, but nonetheless, we scrapped it and started over with lima bean seeds. We were able to successfully get our seeds to grow into at least something. Well, two of the seeds. I don’t know what I did wrong, but in the future, I might want to stick to things that have already sprouted.

The cool thing about this lesson was that we got to use an online journal to record our predictions, observations and conclusions. Here’s a little sample of our cute little online journal.

It worked out really well. So I’ll be keeping this website address handy. It’s free and super easy to navigate through. Click here to check it out.

Last thing – just wanted to send out a little taste of my M & M’s math packet I’m putting together for next week. We’re going to take advantage of some of that leftover Halloween candy and put it to good use. We’ll be working with sorting and graphing. I made a fun little sorting chart – that I am going to have to print in color because it’s too dang colorful and cute not to!

That’s all for now! So don’t forget – check out my new game on my TpT shop as well as my Teacher’s Notebook shop. Look for M&M’s Math to come in the next few days!


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More Stuff and a New Shop!

I opened a Teacher’s Notebook shop! It’s similar to TpT, but I like to have my stuff being offered on both so that more people can see my fun stuff! They let you upload your own customized banner for your shop, which I think is really cool. I made a cute little banner to showcase my {future} classroom theme, which I love more every day. My banner:

I find so much carnival/circus stuff [NOT CLOWNS] – and I am really liking the vintage stuff I’m finding, like these little circus stamps that I found on Etsy for $6.00!!



I love them and can’t wait to start stamping all kinds of stuff with them. I’m thinking they will be very cute on some packages for Meet the Teacher night. I am working on an invitation for that, too (which by the way, will be completely fictitious since I do not have a classroom, or a job in a school for that matter!)  – but at least I will have them ready once I do  have my own classroom.

So anyway, jump on over to my new Teachers Notebook site! Pricing on some of the things over there will vary slightly, simply because they do not charge any type of listing fee AND I get to keep 100% of all sales. Which is a bit different from the TpT site. Which I still love!! Most of the items are the same price, but I lowered a few items.

Also, today is the last day of my 20% off sale on my TpT site, so make sure you mosey on over there and getchu some cute stuff for cheap-o!


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Sproutin’ Spuds & Sale!!

Hello out there to whomever reads this lonely ole’ blog!

Just a quick update on my TpT site..I’ve got everything priced 20% off through the weekend-starting NOW! So head on over to my cute little shop and check out my stuff. I’ve got a few new items on there, including this cute little lesson plan packet on how to grow a potato plant with your kiddos in your classroom:


You’ll also find more details on the planners I made that I still have yet to give away! I am giving away a FREE, COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE school planner to the first teacher that posts a comment on my blog. Sadly for me, I still don’t have any takers!  Check out the sample on my TpT store and if you like what you see, come on back over and comment. You’ll be the proud new owner of a cute customizable planner.

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Customized Plan Books

I really wanted to make something for myself that would allow me to keep my pacing guide, my yearly planning schedule, and weekly lesson plans all in one place. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have a classroom, so I can’t create one like I really want to because I don’t have a schedule. It’s difficult to create a planner for a schedule that doesn’t exist….So I improvised. I made a generic one and plastered it up on my TpT site, with high hopes that someone will love it, buy it, and maybe even want me to create a custom one. Here are some pictures of the outside of the planner and the planning pages:

I made myself a themed one for my “Circus of Learning” classroom theme that I plan to adopt – and when I start student teaching in the spring, I plan on adopting my cooperating teacher’s schedule and putting it in the planner. THEN I can post pics of the customizable one. Here’s the cover for the one I made:

If you like these, I’d be glad to use you as a guinea pig. First person to comment will get a FREE, 100% completely customized full school year planner with the “lined paper” theme (as shown above). The only catch is that I will use yours as bait on this blog and my TpT store to get others to buy more from me! Make sure you leave your email address visible so that I can contact you to get your info for your planner.


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I’ve been selling like crazy on TpT! I have no idea how, either. I’ve had this Monopoly game up there for about a month and then all of the sudden, this weekend – BAM! People have found it and apparently – they love it. This makes me so very, very happy. I am so excited about that site. So excited, in fact, that I created two more items to sell. One of which is the literacy center plan that I constructed for my Language Arts class last fall. I am SO PROUD of that work of art, so I really sincerely hope that someone out there finds it as snazzy as I do. A link to my TpT store can be found in the left hand bar of this site. Click on it, visit it and download something! And if you do – please leave feedback. I have only one feedback and zero followers, which sort of makes me sad.

Another thing that I worked on over the weekend is my online portfolio over on Weebly. LOVE that site – this thing couldn’t have been any easier to put together and I’m so glad I did it, because now I have an online portfolio that I can direct administrators to so that they can really see me in action. We have to do this online portfolio for UAB – one on – but some of the stuff they require us to  put on there is…well, lame. Not to mention, it’s not very user friendly and it’s somewhat of an eyesore. So, visit my REAL online portfolio if you want to see my resume, my teaching philosophy and several samples of lesson plans, unit plans and some of the other assignments I am particularly proud of.

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Learning Under the Big Top

I’ve been busy coming up with a theme for my future classroom. I’ve chosen to go with a carnival theme. I just think it will be fun to making my classroom a fun, relaxed place without it being too corny. I am finding all kinds of cute stuff to put in my room, including this cute little number I crafted out of scrapbook paper and ribbon. So easy!

I’ve also done an 11 x 17 literacy poster with a little carnival flair that I’m really happy with and I think will look awesome in my room as well.I’ve posted the printable PDF on my TpT site that I’ve also recently launched.  I’ve only got a few things up there, but I know that once I start coming up with ideas – such as this Reader’s Notebook complete with 7 mini lessons that I’m working on – I’ll put them up there. I really love the idea of that site! What a great resource – not only to make a little quick cash, but just in general! Here’s image of the free poster I have on my site. Go to it and download the printable file!!!

I’ve got a ton of good ideas about making some cute Open House invites, welcome packets, a little “favor” bag for Open House, tons of different classroom necessities such as hall passes, worksheets, forms, and even a carnival-themed door display. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create some of that stuff and put it on TpT soon. It’s really time consuming though!!

While I do think it is important to have a cute classroom theme, it’s obviously more important to focus on the academic side. I just think having a theme is a bonus – it shows initiative and shows that you actually care about what you’re doing. But, it’s all in vain if your curriculum is lacking. Taking the advice of many teacher-friends, I have started collecting books for my class library. I’ve started keeping track of them through a simple Excel database – but I have NO IDEA how I’m going to level these darn things. There are too many different leveling systems out there, and I’m not prepare to commit to one yet. Hopefully, my observations and student teaching experiences in the next 8 months will shed some light. It looks a little puny right now, but this is just the beginning!

I’m trying to find yard sales or just anywhere that has gently used books at good prices. I have grown to LOVE 2nd & Charles. I go once a month and spend $40.00. For $40, though I get a TON of books. I think I bought 23 the last time I went. I have a pretty good start on My Card Catalog. I’m proud of being so proactive! I know it will pay off.

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Author Study!

So this is my first author study. I decided to do this study on Jeff Kinney because I was so impressed with his Wimpy Kid series! I loved it and think it’s an awesome idea and turned out to be a New York Times Bestseller! The drawings in the books make them so hilarious and give these books so much character. Instead of just typing a boring old paper, I decided to try and think like a teacher. If I were to actually do an author study with a classroom full of fourth graders, for example, Jeff Kinney would be a perfect candidate. And instead of just typing out info on a word processing document, I thought it’d be cute to do a “Diary Of…Jeff Kinney!” So, that’s what I’m turning in. Here’s the front cover of my little diary… Kudos, Jeff!!

To download the entire file, click here.

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